Level Seven

"Music is to the ear what art is to the Eye". Louis Comfort Tiffany

Music makes the listener feel

Music makes the player and the listener feel. Modes are color. They create feelings of happiness, melancholy, anticipation, tension, release and so much more.  The beauty of this color is that it all comes from knowledgeable manipulation of the major scale which has been a part of your life and which you have been studying for so long. Intelligent execution of the modes in your music is mastery of your instrument. At completion of this lesson you should be ready to get out of the way of your music and just let it flow.

Here is what you can expect in Maestro Melody’s Level Seven:


  1. Ionian-1
  2. Dorian-2
  3. Phrygian-3
  4. Lydian-4
  5. Mixolydian-5
  6. Aolian-6
  7. Locrian-7


Instrument Proficiency

  1. Sight reading studies utilizing modes
  2. Exercises reinforcing modes
  3. Utilizing all keys and positions
  4. Build new chords utilizing the modes

Ear Training

  1. Hearing and identification of modes


Musical Notation

  1. Writing music utilizing modes
  2. Songwriting utilizing modes

At the end of this level the student will understand and be able to identify the modes. They should be able to perform in all modes in all 12 keys throughout the entire neck; utilizing leads, chords and deepen understand of the guitar neck.