Level Eight

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Finish Line is just Ahead

Congratulations! We hope you have enjoyed the road to becoming a musician. Life is, without question, a journey and we truly “Live” when we find happiness in our journey.

You are in the top 10% of all guitarists in the world. You can go forward with confidence knowing that you are a true musician and not just someone who “plays around” with the guitar. You do not need the approval of any layman because you know music, you know the guitar, and you know the difference between good and bad and no one can ever take that away from you. No negative comment can shake you because you are educated and you know the truth about music and guitar better than most. You have proven to yourself that you are disciplined and able to commit and persevere. Take these valuable traits in your character forward into every venture you pursue and you cannot lose in life.

Below is the outline for Level Eight, your final level:

Advanced level  

  1. Chord formations
  2. Color Tones
  3. Logical Chord line Movement
  4. Chord Progressions
  5. Harmony
  6. Improvisation


Advanced Ear Training

Finish line
HarvesTown at Magnuson Hotel

Musical Notation

  1. Writing music
  2. Songwriting

At the end of this level the student will perform advanced chord and melody lines. They should be able to perform in all 12 keys throughout the entire neck; utilizing leads, chords and chord melody.

They should be a proficient and confident guitarist. They should hear any genre of music and easily understand how to achieve that particular sound.

At this point the guitarist should pursue music that moves them, music that they have passion for. You are now a high level musician/guitarist.

You can go on to college, begin your performance business, solo, duo or with a group (if you haven’t already), join a show, write music, or anything else you have interest in pursuing.

If you have passion for a particular style/genre of music, check out our Guitar Styles page. Feel free to talk to us about your direction going forward. We are here to help. Play the music you love, experiment with it and through trial and error, take the music someplace new, someplace else; Bring a new music to the world (or just enjoy your music) for the rest of your life.