Level Two

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Keep your nose to the Grindstone

Learner Guitar Class Level Two

Congratulations, you have finished Level One and are ready to move on to Learner Guitar Class Level Two. Where are your habits? Have you invested sufficient time to develop good ones?

How To Overcome Obstacles

If your technique or habits need focus and work let us know and we will give exercises to help. For example, can you execute a scale or arpeggio great in private and then fall apart when performing it in company? To be clear, this is typical and frustrating but is a common issue. Nonetheless, it will magically disappear with practice, persistence and performance. In other words, Comfort and confidence will come with time. If you want to see what's next click here.

Level Two curriculum:

Learner Guitar Class Level Two

Sight Reading in relative minor keys

  1. Note recognition in relative minor keys of Am, Em, Bm, F#m, C#m, G#m
  2. Learn Songs utilizing realized keys
  3. Timing Accuracy
    1. Clapping and counting
    2. Playing songs evenly, steady and musical
  4. Positions
    1. 1st and 2nd
    2. Proficiency with scales, arpeggios and chords
  5. Sight reading studies

Instrument Proficiency

  1. Left and right hand coordination and synchronization
  2. Alternate picking
  3. Basic Strumming techniques
  4. Intervallic relationships in given positions through sight reading, writing and ear training
  5. Using dynamics effectively
Stay Focused
focused 2
Learner Guitar Class Level Two Continued

Ear Training

  1. Major, Minor, intervals
  2. Melodic and harmonic intervals
  3. Intervallic relationships
  4. Writing what you hear


Musical Notation

  1. Copying and writing music properly and clearly
  2. Basic Songwriting including melody, chords and lyrics (lyrics if applicable)

You have now passed the Learner Guitar Class Level Two. You are able to play, in the given keys, basic leads and chords.

Likewise, you have deepened your understand of basic music fundamentals. In addition, you can now read and write simple melodies and simple chord charts.

If you are struggling with something please let us know and we will help work through it.

We love this art form and know the joy it can bring. You can begin to experience the happiness once you have achieved even a small level of proficiency. See you at Level 3!