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George Pjevach
Founder of Maestro Melody Music School

About the Founder

The Art of Music. It is beautiful and will be a part of our lives forever. Music has been my life's ambition ever since I was a young man.  40 + years of performance and I want to give back. I learned the importance of choosing the right guitar instructor through trial and error. My belief is that experience will greatly benefit students by giving the right information, the right way to shave years off the learning curve. It is the foundation on which you will build your skills. Maestro Melody developed a superb curriculum over a 4-decade span. George Pjevach, the instructor, is a professional musician for over 40 years and performs today in the Orlando metro area.

He has over 27 years’ experience giving guitar lessons, music lessons and voice lessons across America. Many of his students went on to become music directors and professional musicians. Others pursued conventional vocations while enjoying a high-level guitarist hobby.

Unlocking the Magic of Music

How do we know our guitar and music lessons are good? As a young person without direction, George learned by “trial and error”, acquiring and practicing what was put in front of him by good and bad teachers and not knowing the difference.

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Make your life easier- start with good habits

George took lessons at music stores and picked up a neat lic, a new song, a scale or chord from friends for years. He needed to unlearn all of the bad habits acquired from poor guitar lessons taught to him after good direction was found.

You will save precious years by choosing the right guitar instructor and hiring a good teacher first. Whether you are a beginner or a frustrated 20-year veteran Maestro Melody will unlock the magic of music for you. Click here to see what you need to know to become a pro.


Persistence Pays

George began self-taught in 1972. He learned chords and strumming patterns to play his favorite songs. Within 4 years he was performing at local bars and restaurants.

By 1984 he sounded like a proficient lead and rhythm guitarist. George had a 5-piece show/dance band called "Steppin' Out," and a Greyhound bus. His band toured the United States full time.  He still memorized his parts, and lacked understanding of how music works.

Becoming all that you can be

A quality education will give you the best chance at being the best you can be. It removes limitation of knowledge. The rest is up to you.

Although George had financial success and notoriety, his passion and desire for musical knowledge pressed on leading him to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. He attended majoring in guitar and vocal performance while gigging full time at the Opryland hotel and as a studio musician.

Formal training is a real eye opener and assists in unlocking the musical mysteries of how and why music works. George loved Belmont and said, "Going to school there was a picnic in the park every day!" Click here to research our curriculum.

HarvesTown at Magnuson Hotel
HarvesTown After hours at the Waldorf
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On with the Show

In 2000, George moved to Las Vegas performing with the Steve Beyer Orchestra, and as a “hired gun” for shows.

He played at every hotel and casino on the strip which is where he met Joe Lano. Joe performed with Lena Horn, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Jack Jones and Mel Torme to name a few.   He is an internationally acclaimed writer and arranger... and a great guy! Talk about Choosing the right guitar instructor! You can check him out here.

Joe agreed to give George a guitar lesson. It lasted 4 hours and took 1 year to learn, digest and master. It was through Joe that he finally learned the magic of music as applied to the guitar; HOW to methodically learn- on the guitar- scales, chords arpeggios, in all keys and in all positions He learned how modes work and why they work.

In Conclusion

This 40-year search for knowledge led George to the true understanding of music. Once you learn the material and practice you will be a true guitarist and musician.

You will hear a song and play it, hear a genre and understand what creates its sound, play almost any style of music effectively, learn songs from sheet music, create original music, sit in with bands, jam with musicians and confidently carry your part and audition for shows with confidence.

Becoming a musician on the guitar

We offer our students skill, wisdom and understanding, coupled with a love of sharing information and a methodical approach to guitar application.

You will learn music, good technique, discipline and everything tomorrow’s guitarist will need, to be the best you can be. Choose the right guitar instructor and be a good student.

If you absorb, embrace and execute our curriculum and studies, a 2-3 year student will be a confident high level guitarist.

You will have the ability to teach and lead yourself down the musical road of your choice. From here you can pursue a career in music, be prepared to go on to college, and become a performer. You will have a skill that can earn a living doing what you love for the rest of your life. No one can take that from you.

A word on Shortcuts

Do it right the first time. This is always the quickest route and the shortest distance to success in anything worth pursuing.

Choosing the right guitar instructor

If you are serious and love the guitar there is no better choice than Maestro Melody.