Guitar Styles

Coaching for your Art in Music

Introduction to Fingerstyle

An Orchestra under your Fingers
  • Fingerstyle guitar is for guitarists desiring to fingerpick instead of using a pick to play Classical guitar, Chord Melody and more. It typically incorporates melody, harmony, chords and rhythm all at once. This style provides the perfect vehicle for playing Solo guitar at a high level or producing flowing arpeggiating patterns behind a lead instrument. Listen to the greats like Segovia, William Kanengiser, Chet Atkins and George Van Eps.

Strumming Patterns and Rhythm using a Pick

Guitar for Rhythm

Strumming can be performed on an acoustic or electric guitar. Acoustic strumming can be readily heard and is utilized in Country and Bluegrass music. It is sometimes used in Pop and Indie as well as other genres. Electric strumming can be heard in traditional Jazz and used as a percussive “snap” in Pop and funk amongst other styles. Strumming styles can vary greatly.


Virtuoso Acoustic Guitar

Bluegrass music is a form of American roots music and a related genre of country music. Influenced by the music of Appalachia, bluegrass has mixed roots in Irish, Scottish and English traditional music, and was also later influenced by the music of African-Americans through incorporation of jazz elements and Gospel. Listen to Doc Watson, Tony Rice and Clarence White to name a few.

Introduction to Rock Guitar

From Singing Solos to Shredding

Rock guitar is probably the music popular style of playing today. It is loud, exciting and full of energy. Rock solos are mostly played using an electric solid body guitar, large amplifier and a series of distortions and overdrives. Mastery of your scales and arpeggios will prove useful and help you gain respect in the field as a soloist. Check out Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Rock soloing is fun.

Introduction to Improvization

Making your guitar speak

Musical improvisation is the creative activity of "in the moment" musical composition, which combines performance with communication of emotions and instrumental technique as well as spontaneous response to other musicians. How does it work? The seasoned musician keeps in mind the key and chord progression of the song. Utilizing a multitude of ideas and mastery of scales, arpeggios, patterns and the emotion they wish to convey to the listener they produce those ideas instantly on their instrument. A true artist will always be happier with their musical creation when they play what is in their head.

Introduction to Chord Melody

Solo Jazz Guitar

Jazz guitarists love chord melody, and for good reason. Being able to play guitar chords, bass notes, and licks over a melody lifts any jazz standard from the mundane to exciting.One of our favorites is Joe Pass.

Introduction to Country guitar solos and chicken picking

Pedal Lics and Fast Picking

Country Electric guitar playing incorporates a unique blend of plectrum and other fingers of the right hand in combination with “pedal Lics” (harmonized 2 or 3 note bends) with the left hand, usually played on a Fender Telecaster to create a twangy “cluck”. Masters of this technique are Brad Paisley, Brent mason, Vince Gill and others.

Coaching and Careers

Perfecting style and making a Living

It’s time to put all of this knowledge and effort to work. Do you know what your next step is? Some ideas:

  • Perfect a unique style and pursue being a recording artist- You can hear the sound in your head. You know what you want. We offer coaching and guidance to help you get where you want to go. It is a competitive road.
  • Song writing- You would like to use music as a vehicle to tell your stories. Coaching and guidance can help point you in the right direction
  • Live local performance “Gigging’- We have made a living doing just this for 40 years and can share the needed wisdom to keep you on the right path
  • Teaching- You are fully prepared to audition at a music college and get accepted! We can offer suggestions and help you find the right school for you.
  • Full time Show- Branson, MO, Disney, Las Vegas- We have performed in las Vegas for 10 years and can help prepare and connect you
  • Backing up a Star- We help you gather what you need to ace the audition and maximize the opportunity to get the job
  • Studio Musician- We have experience in Nashville as a session player and can help prepare you to have an edge over the competition