A Complete School of Music for Guitar

Everything you need to become a well-rounded Musician and Guitarist

Theory and Harmony

Music Classes How and Why Music Works

"I don't want to learn to read, write and understand music, it stifles my creativity." Think about that statement. If you didn't learn to read, write, and understand the English language how could you communicate with other people? Music is a universal language.

I performed in Japan with a local house band. Although I couldn't speak Japanese, putting our show together was simple. The language of music is the same in Japan as it is in America. We are a School of Music for Guitar. Taking classes and learning music theory and harmony is your solution.

Ear Training

Music Classes Music Recognition

Are you amazed by people who can hear a song and play it? Ear training is a skill by which musicians learn to identify, solely by hearing; pitches, intervals, melody, chords, rhythms, and other basic elements of music. Your school of music for guitar classes will teach you how to hear music, to understand what you're hearing and apply it to the guitar.

Fine Motor Skill

Guitar Classes Coordination, Synchronization and Dexterity

Fine motor skill is the coordination and synchronization of your hands and fingers with the brain and eyes. Playing guitar is physical. It takes strong hands and fingers, coupled with sensitivity of touch and feel to create a good sound.

This reminds me of a great story. Chet Atkins was playing his guitar when a guy approached him. He said, "That guitar sounds beautiful". Chet quit playing, set the guitar down and asked, "How does it sound now?" The quality of the sound rests with the player, not the instrument. Our classes will get you into shape.

Guitar Styles

Guitar Classes Genres of Music

The beauty of music is that it is universal. A C major scale is the same scale for any instrument you choose to play in the future. All genres including; Jazz, Classical, Country, Pop, Rock, Etc. can be found within the major scale. Learn music on the guitar. Education will give you the ability to flexibly go in any musical direction you wish! You can only get this kind of training at a school of music for guitar classes.

Sight Reading and Music Writing

Music Classes Communicating with other Musicians

You learned to read the English language. Isn't it hard now to imagine a time when you couldn’t read street signs? A musician who can sight read can play any score of music regardless of familiarity with the piece. Having a fine-tuned understanding of musical notation, theory, and structure is essential to being a capable sight reader and well-rounded musician. Like learning to read English or learning to walk, your sight reading ability develops slowly, starting from the basics and building as you move along in your classes practice. Sight reading will open your mind to new musical ideas by urging you to move your fingers in ways you would never think of.
Want to perform with other musicians? This is the medium for your communication. Some people think that sight reading is the opposite of playing by ear. However, it can actually make improvisation and playing by ear feel like second nature, which makes you more impressive to watch and a better musician.

The Next Level

Business- Where to go from here

Our 40 years of experience in live and studio performance gifts us the ability to assist and groom you for your next step. From playing for fun, to live performance, to studio work, to song-writing, or, to have a strong foundation and go on to college, we can help!

"George is a phenomenal teacher that utilizes an easy to understand structure that allows you to really learn how the guitar works. Lessons are fun and challenging. George's passion for the instrument is so apparent and infectious, and his mastery of the instrument is so fun to hear and learn from. I look forward to practicing everyday! "


Luke M.- WI.