Curriculum Overview

Guiding Tomorrow's Guitarists
How to become a professional guitarist

If the curriculum sounds overwhelming, read on please. You will master each practice as each step will be carefully explained and exercised until you get it.

Everyone is an athlete and a scholar

You learned to walk. You first crawled, then went to standing, to walking and finally to running. You never gave up trying.

You learned to speak the English language;.You learned to make one sound and related it to one letter, to two sounds, then to a word. Pretty soon you were speaking in phrases and sentences!

You can do this!

We will show you how to become a professional guitarist. We start with asking some relevant questions and discussing your goals.

If you are unsure of the direction you wish to go we will assess, guide you to research finding your answers and offer suggestions to get you started.

If you are a beginner, we will start at the beginning leading you down the road toward your goals.

For seasoned vets who want to take it up a notch

If you have experience as a guitarist we will test your knowledge and ability to play to determine your skill level. Your current skill level will determine where you start the curriculum. Your goals will determine the design of your classes.

By far and without question the best direction is to learn music as applied to the guitar. See what it takes to master the guitar here. At completion, you should know and understand music. You will receive a certificate of completion and be ready for your next step.

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