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Need professional guitarist advice?


Need professional guitarist advice? Please feel free to ask a question or offer comments.
Maestro Melody Music
Clermont, Florida

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Abby Abby has been with us for 5 months and is loving it!
Dave D. Dave plays like a pro and is on Level 8!
Luke Luke is on Level 3 and running with his skills!
Happy Guitar Student Anyalis is becoming a good player and will join the church band!
Need professional guitarist advice?

Our students range in age from 8 years old to 70. If you have a 3 year old child with the aptitude for guitar and learning you should consider lessons. The younger a person starts the more of a "natural" they become.

Each student has a unique set of goals just like you. Some want to play around the campfire with friends, some want to make music a career, some want to play at church. The list goes on.

No matter what your goals, you owe it to yourself to be conscientious and speak with us before making a decision on choosing an instructor.

Our school is not for everyone but we can help you sort and organize your needs based on your goals.