Level One

"The Straightest path to Success is with Wise Instruction"

Starting out

Beginning Guitar Classes

Starting any worthy goal on the best path is wise, right? It is advisable for any intelligent goal seeker to utilize the knowledge and wise  instruction from a professional. That, coupled with caring guidance, daily practice, commitment and perseverance on your part is the shortest route to happiness and success.

Learning guitar isn't easy

but is most satisfying in the long run. Having to "undo" bad habits and relearn good ones is a frustrating stumbling block and can be avoided with Maestro Melody Music. We make it fun because you can jam with friends.

Believing false claims of learning to play overnight, in 10 days, in a month is an exercise in frustration. Ask any true, educated, professional guitarist. Go here to read my story.

Here is what you will learn in Maestro Melody's first of eight levels:

Beginning Guitar Classes

1. Sight Reading
a.     Note recognition in keys of C, G, D, A, E, B, F#, C#
b.     Learn Songs utilizing these keys
c.     Playing songs evenly, steady and musical
d.     Introduction to Dynamics
e.      1st Position proficiency with scales arpeggios and chords
f.      Sight reading studies

2. Tuning and knowing the Guitar and its parts

3. Instrument Proficiency
a.     Proper right and left hand technique
b.     Left and right hand coordination and synchronization
c.     Intervallic relationships through sight reading, writing and ear training

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4. Basic sound principals

5. Understanding Melody and chords
a.     Where melodies and chords come from and how they are formed

4. Introduction to Ear Training
a.     Major, Minor, intervals
b.     Intervallic relationships
c.     Writing what you hear

5. Introduction to Musical Notation
a.     Copying and writing music properly and clearly
b.     Basic Songwriting including melody, chords and lyrics (lyrics if applicable)

What you will accomplish

At the end of the beginning Guitar Classes, our Level One, the student will be able to play basic lead (melody), chords and understand basic music fundamentals. You will read and write simple melodies and read simple chord charts in the 1st position.