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Want to improve your skills?


Beginners- From holding a pick to playing beautiful solos we’ll guide you on the quickest route to mastering your craft, enjoying music and being a proficient, confident, educated guitarist.

Intermediate Players- Maestro will help you correct bad habits, learn music theory, harmony and how to effectively apply it, to take your skill to a higher level.

Advanced Players- We will help you master a particular style, prepare for music school, go professional or become a better writer.

What our students are saying- Testimonials

Dave D. WI. - Certified Financial Planner 

“When I met George I was a serious guitar player and had been playing for about 10 years.  During that time I had taken some lessons and college music courses but mostly used tabs to learn.  I played a lot but kept getting stuck in frustrating ruts.  The bottom line was I really didn't understand the instrument I loved and spent so much time with!  Then I met George and that all changed.  His lessons made the things I thought were complex mysteries easy to understand.  Things like scales, modes. chords, intervals, and arpeggios FINALLY started making sense.  His lessons brought several "ah ha" moments along the way.  Simply put, having George for a teacher helped me become a guitarist instead of just a guy who plays guitar.”

Luke M. WI.- Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant

"George is a phenomenal teacher that utilizes an easy to understand structure and lessons that allow you to really learn how the guitar works. Lessons are fun and challenging. George's passion for the instrument is so apparent and infectious, and his mastery of the instrument is so fun to hear and learn from. I look forward to our lessons and practicing every day! "


Melanie S. FL.- Student 

My daughter takes guitar lessons and she loves them. She has grown in her skills so much since starting lessons with George.

Completed level 1 in 10 weeks!

Gabriel K. FL.- Currently Mercedes parts Runner, Future professional guitarist

Learning Music theory, understanding the fretboard, ear training. It all couldn't be easier. George is the best teacher I've ever had. He breaks everything down and wraps your head around it. I'm learning at a pace that I didn't think I could achieve before. Music theory is fun instead of intimidating! George listens and works with you for whatever you are wanting to learn. He helps build a custom method for you.

member of group class

Sherry S. FL.- Retired 

 I like EVERYTHING about the music school! The music lessons are well thought out, easy to understand and fun. The price is easy to afford and lower than I thought possible. Lessons start on time and often go beyond the contracted time. George is extremely professional, even when we push his kind, gentle patients with our inabilities.

Become a high level player. Enjoy your art for the rest of your life!

You want to be a guitarist. That's what we teach.

  • Lessons/Classes starting at $40 per week
  • Live 1 on 1 Skype anywhere in the country
  • Local group and 1 on 1 classes
  • Prepare for College
  • Prepare for Live Performance
  • Prepare to be an artist or songwriter

Skype Music Lessons for Guitar | Maestro Melody


Maestro Melody is an experienced, result based music school for guitar. We demystify music so you can enjoy your Art.

These essential skills will help you become the guitarist you want to be. Click on a button to learn more:

Music lessons Theory and harmony

       You will learn:

  • Why music works
  • How chords are created
  • How melody is created
  • How to create harmony
  • How to read and write Music

Music lessons Ear Training

       You will learn:

  • To hear a song and play it
  • To create your own sound
  • To identify, solely by hearing, melody, harmony, chords, rhythms

Guitar Lessons Guitar Styles

       We teach:

  • Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons
  • Country Guitar lessons
  • Rock Guitar Lessons
  • Jazz Guitar Lessons
  • Folk Guitar Lessons
  • Pop Guitar lessons

Music lessons Sight Reading & Music Writing

       You will learn:

  • How to write music
  • How to create new ideas
  • How to read music for the guitar
  • How to communicate with other musicians
  • How to quickly find the sounds you're looking for

Guitar lessons Fine Motor Skills

       You will learn:

  • Proper right and left hand technique
  • How to develop strength in hands and fingers
  • How to play with sensitivity of touch and feel
  • How to create a quality sound
  • How to develop Muscle memory

Learn your craft and art-form

Maestro Melody is a music school for the guitar. We provide lessons that will take you from beginner to professional in the shortest amount of time.

Do you want to play Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, Folk, Indie, Bluegrass? Are you a budding songwriter? Do you want to become a guitarist? There is one common thread among all genres of music.that is, they are all music. Music comes from the major scale. Music uses melody, harmony, chords, silence, rhythm, and theory. We teach the magic of music, even on Skype! Enjoy Skype Music Lessons for Guitar right at home!


What is Skype?

Skype allows us to engage a Live 1 on 1 class with you. Furthermore, you can attend a live class from the comfort of your own home with Skype!

You can do things together when you need to be apart with Skype. Text, voice, and video make it simple to communicate with the instructor with Skype, wherever you are.

With Skype, we can see your fingers and hands to ensure you are using correct guitar technique and learning right the first time. in addition, you can see your instructor so it is easy to show things visually.


Skype brings a professional Instructor right to your home no matter where you live

You can use Skype on whatever works best for you - on your phone or computer or a TV with Skype on it.  We do recommend, however, a computer screen or larger so you don't have to squint.

You can use Skype on whatever works best for you - on your phone or computer or a TV with Skype on it.  We do recommend, however, a computer screen or larger so you don't have to squint.


Basic Skype is Free

It is free to use the basic version of Skype - to speak, see and instant message your instructor on Skype for example. You can even try out group video, with the latest version of Skype if you want to learn with friends. Skype Music Lessons for Guitar, try it!

We have been using the Skype technology for ten years and it just keeps getting better and better. Skype's video and sound quality are good. It's almost like being in the presence of your instructor– just about anything we need to do together.

Skype saves you money! The Skype classes are a bit less than live 1 on 1. In addition, using Skype will save on fuel, auto wear and tear and travel time.

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Adult or Seasoned Players

40% of our students are adult semi-pro players who have become frustrated with their playing. They didn't learn from a music school for guitar; read on, please.


Shortcuts will frustrate you

Learning to memorize chords, "lics" and blues patterns, will not allow you to fully understand how and why music works. We give you the right tools to enable you to teach yourself, learn songs fast, create and communicate music. The shortest route to success in anything is doing it right the first time.


Music school for guitar

We will teach you to become a musician on the guitar. The full and complete curriculum comes with options to best fit your needs; One-on-One, Group, Live Skype, Video curriculum (coming in the future) or book-work. Utilize combinations to best fit your learning style. Customize your education around other commitments. One of the many benefits of using Skype is saving time. You’ll have weekly assignments and deadlines, but when you do the work is up to you.


We are a community and have lots of support

At the music school for guitar, you will connect with your instructor and other students through email and online discussion forums. Skype will even allow you to connect with fellow students in other states. Make friends with the same interests. Enjoy all the support you would if you were sitting in a classroom. Check out our live music Facebook page at

Full, complete and comprehensive musical education

Maestro Melody music school for guitar is one-of-a-kind offering private instruction will open doors and unlock the true magic of music as applied to the Guitar. You will learn from 40 years of dedicated experience in music performance as related to the guitar.

About us introduces you to your instructor and his experience. The Complete Method page will give you an overview of the vital components of a good musician. Visit the Curriculum Overview to see detailed descriptions of what you learn at each level.


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